Can Jenney's charm flim flap new board?
New board members likely to listen more to teachers, less to administration

The little guy with the phony instant-on, instant-off, made-for-TV  smile and cold beady eyes may have his work cut out for him as a new school board with less gullible members take policy control this month.

Already, like a good politician, School Supt. Timothy R. Jenney, is scurrying around among personnel he previously had no use for to see if they can now help him pave a way to control what could be very demanding new members more interested in improving the lot of the students and the instructional program instead of his ever expanding administrative bureaucracy and empire building.

He's going around playing his Mr. Nice Guy, hat-in-hand,  routine to lower level administrators and blacks to see who knows who among the new members.  He is particularly concerned about former principle Emma 'Em' Davis; educator, Dr. Lois Williams; and mother of multiple students, Carol Weems.

His modus operandi is to endear himself to board members, psychologically test their strengths and weakness, capitalize on them, and use educational voodoo jargon to make them look stupid if they don't endorse everything he wants.

Fortunately some of the newcomers on the board promise not to be swayed.  They promise to make him justify, justify, justify and explain, explain, explain - something the 'Terrible Little Dwarf (TLD),' as he's known to many of the teachers, psychologically has difficulty handling.

The outgoing board, known for its rubber-stamp form of policy making, in one of its last acts behind closed doors gave Jenney a thumbs-up, glowing evaluation.  This is the same board that allowed him to pursue a MBA at Duke to the taxpayers' tune of more than $70,000 a year instead of forcing him to accept a less expensive local school.

The old board took the action after Jenney made a case that he didn't have enough education to do his job properly - leaving taxpayers' asking:  "Then why was he hired in the first place, if he wasn't qualified?"  The old board never replied (maybe why some were obviously replaced).

Maybe the new board will at least get answers. And his MBA at taxpayers' expense is only greasing the skids that may send him packing to new digs unless he changes his modus operandi - and soon.

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